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Worcester Live - Huntingdon Hall, Swan Theatre

Histories Of The Unexpected - CANCELLED Histories Of The Unexpected - CANCELLED

Location: Huntingdon Hall
Thursday 25th February 2021

Time: 7.30pm
Price: 15 / 13 Children

Box Office Information

Histories of the Unexpected LIVE! is an original, exciting multi-period show that demonstrates how everything has a history - even the most unexpected of subjects and how everything links together in unexpected ways. Who knew that the history of the smile is all about Charles Darwin and the history of electrocution? Or that the history of gloves is all about the beheading of Mary Queen of Scots? And what links together Pompeii, the Titanic, Neolithic cave painting, perfume, scalping, Horatio Nelson, Henry VIII, Hiroshima, the Duke of Wellington, razor-gangs, Shakespeare, mutiny, chimneys and a seventeenth century map of the world?

You'll just have to come to find out....

'History as you've never seen it before' - Dan Snow
'It's Genius' - Paul Ross Talk Radio
'Exceptional Historical Entertainment *****' - BBC Radio Devon

Dr Sam Willis is one of the country's best-known TV historian and has made more than ten multi-part series fo the BBC and National Geographic including The Silk Road and Invasion!.

Professor James Daybell is one of the country's leading historians. He has written more than fourteen books on the Tudors and seventeenth-century history and has appeared in numerous TV documentaries.


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