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Worcester Live - Huntingdon Hall, Swan Theatre


Howard Robinson History Talks - William Bligh and the Mutinies Howard Robinson History Talks - William Bligh and the Mutinies

Location: Huntingdon Hall
Tuesday 29th October

Time: 7.30pm
Price: £8.50 (includes a drink*)

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William Bligh is a naval officer we’ve all heard of because of Mutiny on the Bounty, but in actual fact he experienced three mutinies during his career. Was he a Captain who brought trouble on himself by his over-the-top reactions to situations, or were the mutinies the result of circumstances beyond his control? Was he, as depicted in three films, a tyrannical overbearing naval officer, or was he more benign than we are generally led to believe? Could the mutinies have been avoided had he done things differently?

*Choose from a glass of wine, a beer, or any soft drink

Book for both talks and pay just £15! - Offer available via Box Office ONLY

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